Our standard seminar 1 includes the following topics:

 - First of all, it is important to make the right diagnosis. We show you the correct procedure for making reliable fault diagnoses.

- The suitable measuring technique, measuring method and the corresponding equipment is explained in detail also for the NON-electronics engineer.

- Explanation of the functions and arrangements on the logic board and breakdown of the circuits by means of the Schematics, ZXW and other tools are brought close to the seminar participant depending upon previous training suitably. You don't have to be a super electronics engineer.

- Soldering technology. Insertion and removal of ICs, SMDs, connectors are practiced on suitable logic boards and devices.

- Solder joint treatment, solder joint restoration are of course also an important training topic.

- Soldering temperatures, reflow work, and reballing of ICs are covered in detail.

Examples of problems with different models that can be treated in the seminar:

Important! The seminar participant himself determines on which areas the focus should be.

iPhone 5,5S, SE, 6, 6plus, 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone X, XR, XS, 11, 12 does not start anymore.

Bootloop problems on iPhone 5,5S, SE, 6, 6plus, 6S, iPhone 7 , iPhone X, XR, XS, 11, 12

Backlight problems on all models
Audio problems on all models
Touch problems on all models
Baseband problems on all models
Water damage treatment / repair
FaceID problems

NAND expansion and NAND repair with programming via JC Programmer

The training fee here is 565€ per day and participant.

Most participants book 3 days (1.695€).

This is enough to be able to do repairs on the logicboard on your own after the seminars.

But also after the seminars we are still there for you. We will give you a phone number where we can help you with tips and advice in case of problems.


For the financing of a 3 days training we can offer you if necessary an installment payment with pre-payment and 3 monthly rates. Please contact us.


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